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CTKA fully hydraulic die forging hammer

Basic construct:
1.High integrated fully hydraulic driving system, no need of pump chamber and hydraulic station;
2.Programmable striking control and digital inputting;
3.Long hammer tup enhancing working accuracy;
4.Striking energy and striking sequence set optionally without surplus striking energy avoiding noise and increasing the die life;
5.Man- machine interface and automatically malfunction diagnosis, Chinese and English display

Performance and features:
A.High efficient, energy saving;
B.Consistent quality of forging;
C.Lower run cost;
D.Wide application;
E.Lower investment cost;
F.Easy maintenance and operation.

Technical parameters:
SPEC. CTKA 160 200 250 320 400
Striking energy KJ 160 200 250 320 400
Ram weight KG 9000 10000 11500 13000 17000
Striking stroke mm 1000 1050 1100 1200 1300
Striking frequency 60 55 50 45 45
Motor power KW 4*75 4*90 4*90 4*110 6*110
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