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HomeNews — Haian Baixie Forging Hammer Co.,Ltd - the first manufacturer of PLC fully hydraulic die forging hammer
Haian Baixie Forging Hammer Co.,Ltd - the first manufacturer of PLC fully hydraulic die forging hammer

Since 2002, Haian Baixie Forging Hammer Co.,Ltd is a private company gathering research, developing, producing and selling. In 2007, we realized the aim of "occupying 100% of the China market and then rapidly entering into the international market", and have broken the sales records twice for the total sale amount of the forging hammers sold in Chinese market once dominated by Germany companies for over 20 years. Last year, the sale revenue reached to RMB25,000,000.00 and we expect the sale revenue of the first half of this year can be more than RMB20,000,000.00, it will be 1.1 times more than the same period last year. Baixie is striding forward to the new aim of "the export sale revenue is 1/3 of the total revenue, and occupying 1/2 international market in five years".

Why haian Baixie Forging Hammer Co.,Ltd is very famous in China forging industry, one important reason is its products increase innovation by Baixie's workers. Baixie cooperated with the high academies, such as, Jiangsu University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Jinan Foundry and Forge Institute, and also cooperated with China famous forging machining organization, and built technology research center to develop products. Baixie established a highly educated team, and in order to promote the workers' incentives to independently research and develop forging hammers, Baixie takes the manner of adding shares and rationing shares.

Haian Baixie has rec eived great successes on the important technology developments,for example, research of fluid mechanics, theory calculation of dynamic characteristics, system modeling, reliability project, software design of digital control system. As one of the high and new technology companies, Baixie researched and developed 14 products which can reach to the advanced level in international and initiation in China. Baixie has got 2 terms of China national invention patents,3 terms of utility model patents, 1 term of Jiangsu province excellence award for invention patent, 1 term of China national key and new product, 3 terms of Jiangsu province high and new products. In October,2002, Haian Baixie independently developed the Chinese first set PLC fully hydraulic die forging hammer successfully, which was a great advance in Chinese forging industry technology.

Baixie's PLC fully hydraulic die forging hammer with independent intellectual property rights, has similar technical performance with better energy utilizing than the hammers from Germany which have been recognized as the most advanced products in the world. All these performances improved the equipping level for forging industry and optimized the product structure, but the price of Chinese hammers is still only 1/3 or 1/4 of German's. From 2005, the German manufacturers began to retreat from the China market, and to 2007, they have exited China market completely. In order to satisfy the needs of customers from China and abroad, Baixie has built a new workshop equipped with most advanced equipment, which is now, being put to good use.

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