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Baixie makes the first 10 ton die forging hammer innovation

Recently Haian Baixie Forging Hammer Co.,Ltd has signed a contract with Shandong Liande Company on 10 Ton steam die forging hammer with technical innovation for fully hydraulic die forging hammer. This is the first set 10 ton PLC die forging hammer in China

China National Key and New products ,PLC fully hydraulic die forging hammers, on the basis of flexibility and fast forming speed of the traditional forging hammers, take the new technologies of on-line sensoring, data display and intelligent monitoring to control the striking energy and striking sequence automatically and display the malfunction; adopt and integrate fully PLC hydraulic system to realize the die forging hammer to run with high efficiency ,energy saving and high reliability. Overcoming the disadvantages of traditional die forging hammer (such as steam hammer and pneumatic hammer), for example, high energy consumption, high cost, difficulty in controlling the striking energy and lower product precision, and higher skill requirements of operators. Baixie's forging hammers have unique technology.

Manufacturing base of China PLC forging hammer---Haian Baixie Forging Hammer Co.,Ltd has produced and sold more than 70 sets from 16 KJ(0.75 ton) to 125KJ(5ton) PLC die forging hammers since 2003, all of which play an important role in the forging companies. Baixie's forging hammer has been exported to Russia, Syria, Taiwan and Vietnam since 2007. And from 2006, Baixie has continued to develop the forging hammer with large capacity to fully PLC control. In March, 2008, Baixie finished the first 5 ton pneumatic forging hammer innovation for Changzhou Jingling Casting & Forging Co.,Ltd. On the basis of one year practical use, all the workers in Jingling are satisfied with the forging hammer because of its advanced technology, steady performance, reliability, easy of opertion, lower energy consumption and high efficiency. Baixie's workers make persistent efforts. In November, 2009 we competed with the professional hammer manufacturer in Germany with more than 100 years history on the tender of 3ton and 5 ton PLC fully hydraulic die forging hammers from Dongfang Steam Turbine company, in the end we got achieved the contract.

One of our workshops is for assembling the large capacity forging hammers, which is equipped with floor type boring and milling machines (TK6916 and T6920 )and crane with capacity of 130 ton. Baixie has the ability to design and produce 400KJ (16 ton) PLC die forging hammer, the largest capacity forging hammer in China.

We are the only professional manufacturer of PLC die forging hammer in China, in cooperation with Jiangsu High and New Technology Enterprise and Nantong Industry-Academy-Research Demonstrative Company with Research, Development, Manufacturing and Sales. PLC forging hammer is Baixie's main product, including PLC fully hydraulic die forging hammers, PLC hydraulic counterblow hammers, Hydraulic free forging  item NO 5hammers and steam air hammers innovation, which are more than 20 specifications.

Baixie's PLC forging hammers have been widely applied in automobile, motorcycle, engine machine, hydraulic tube, hardware, surgical instruments, stainless steel tableware and spaceflight industry. They are the ideal equipment to produce complicated parts, such as connecting rods, bend axes, rockers, steering knuckle, fork, tie plate, stainless steel knives, forks and surgical instruments, the key equipment of precise forging line.

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