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Series CHK CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer
CTKA fully hydraulic die forging hammer
CTK series fully hydraulic die forging hammer (retrofitting of pneumatic /steam hammer)
CDKA series fully hydraulic counterblow hammer
CDK series hydraulic Counterblow hammer with body micro-motion
Series Air hammer
Series manipulator
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HomeProducts — CDKA series fully hydraulic counterblow hammer

Basic disposition:
1.Imported sealed parts used in the hammer rod and piston;
2.Automatic lubricating system;
3.On-line digital display detector of oil temperature and pressure (Germany);
4.Electronic control system of SIEMENS;
5.Man- machine conversation screen of SIEMENS;
6.Bypass circular cooling and filter system;
7.Main oil pumps: angle-type plunger pumps;
8.42 malfunction check points (hydraulic, electronic) with 36 automatic check points;
9.Welding hammer framework;
10.The counterblow hammers tups which have the equal weight strike each other with equal striking stroke by the hydraulic driving;

Performance and features:
A.High integrated power units adopts PLC fully hydraulic driving to realize no pipes connecting to ensure no leakage, high efficiency and energy saving;
B.Multinomial safety measure, circumspect on-line detecting and simplified system design can ensure safety and reliability;
C.Normal PLC energy control ways can be adjusted and set optionally and easily;
D.90% hydraulic parts are standard and easily purchased with simple construct and lower run cost

Technical parameters:
SPEC. CDKA 160 200 250 320 400
Striking energy KJ 160 200 250 320 400
Ram weight (up) KG 18000 23000 29000 35000 48000
Ram weight (down) KG 20000 25000 32000 39000 52000
Striking stroke (up ram) mm 630 700 700 700 700
Striking stroke (down ram) mm 630 700 700 700 700
Striking frequency 50 50 45 45 40
Main motor power KW 220 264 360 440 528
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